iePlexus Social Media News Brief: April 21, 2010

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iePlexus Social Media News Brief: April 21, 2010

While tension grows between Google and several countries, one Washington couple just purchased an amazing purchase on eBay, and an octopus takes us on a wildride in iePlexus Social Media News Brief…

The leaders of data protection from 10 nations wrote a letter to Google this week expressing their concern about a privacy issues regarding Google Buzz as well as Google Street View.  Some of that letter reads, “We were disturbed by your recent rollout of the Google Buzz social networking application, which betrayed a disappointing disregard for fundamental privacy norms and laws. In essence, you took Google Mail (Gmail), a private, one-to-one web-based e-mail service, and converted it into a social networking service, raising concern among users that their personal information was being disclosed.”  The letter also mentions that Google did not blur out a number of faces, license plates, and other possible private information in Google Street View.  It ends with a number of suggested principles that Google should integrate within it’s services.  Google has yet to respond, but isn’t expected to be a high priority since tension between Google and China is still high.

How would you like to own your own gas station, restaurant, general store, and even your own Zip Code?  You maybe out of luck for now but Maddie & Neil Love, of the Seattle suburb of Bothell are now the proud owners of the town of Wauconda, Washington in the northeast section of the state, just 25 miles from the Canadian border.  The couple had a bidding war on eBay and eventually won the town for $360,000 from Daphine Fletcher who has lived in Wauconda since.  Wauconda, at one time had a booming population of 350 people, during the gold rush but will soon only consist of the Love family.  The couple will run the Wauconda general store, as well as the Spaghetti Salon.  The town also comes with a four bedroom home. 

Today’s viral video comes just in time for Earth Day.  Victor Haung from Wellington, New Zealand was on a diving trip last week, when he came upon an octopus.  Haung was fortunate enough to have his brand new underwater digital camera with him.  However, the octopus quickly came out and snatched the camera from him and swam off.  While much of the video only consists of extreme close ups of the octopus tentacles, Huang was able to catch up with the octopus about five minutes later. Haung took out his spear gun and placed it underneath the creature until he dropped the camera. Once Haung had the camera back, the octopus did not want to give up the spear gun.  Haung decided to take the octopus on a bit of a wild ride.

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