iePlexus Social Media News Brief: Friday, February 26, 2010

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iePlexus Social Media News Brief: Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it true that companies who blog more, have more consistant sales?! How much did Texas offer Facebook to move to the city of Austin!? And I can still Rickroll my friends?! Find out the answers to these questions…

A recent report shows companies who blog more often than not, end up having more consistent sales.  The web company Hubspot released a report Thursday, in which they surveyed 231 businesses and found that companies who blogged more than once again continued to bring back their clients, while those who rarely blogged even had any customers.  Roughly 85% of those whoa blogged said it was at least useful, and then saying twitter was the second most useful marketing tool.  More information from the report can be found on our blog at

Facebook has said they have plans to open a new office outside of it’s Palo Alto, California headquarters, and Texas state governor Rick Perry has offered the social networking company $1.4 million to establish the office in the city of Austin.  In a Facebook Note, Gov. Perry said, Facebook’s expansion in Austin will enhance the area’s robust technology industry, create 200 jobs for Texans, and strengthen the economy in Central Texas.”  Facebook has acknowledged the governors request saying that Austin is a strong potential candidate with a “deep talent pool.” You may recall that Google opened an office in Austin back in 2008 but closed it’s doors just a few months later.  No word on when an official location will be chosen.

We told you on Wednesday that the popular RickRoll’d video was taken off of YouTube and just moments after our news brief went live, YouTube released a statement saying the video was removed by mistake. Saying, “With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we count on our community members to know our Community Guidelines and to flag content they believe violates them.” The statement goes on to say they review all flagged content as quickly as possible.  And also acknowledged that occasionally, an account flagged by users or identified by the spam team is mistakenly taken down. But they do take the appropriate action, including restoring those videos  and channels that have been mistakenly suspended. Needless to say the video is back up and you can start Rickrolling your friends once again.

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